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Cisco IAD/CPE Repair

XTech Gear, Inc. is pleased to offer repair service for Cisco IAD2431s and other customer premise equipment from numerous manufacturers such as Adtran, Calix, and Lucent as well as many others.  Read more....

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You've invested a lot in your network infrastructure. When you decommission a system, you want the piece of mind found in knowing that you will fully recover the maximum value of your equipment. XTech Gear is perfectly positioned to deal with all manner of decommissioned telecommunications equipment.


Recovery Options

There are numerous options that we offer for asset recovery, depending upon what your needs are. Decommissioning time frames, total quantity of equipment, and how quickly you desire to have the project completed must be taken into consideration prior to commencing an asset recovery project. XTech Gear is flexible enough to be able to provide all manner of options, such as outright purchase, consignment, split, as well as hybrid plans tailored to your requirements.


Recovery Process

All material to be recovered goes through the normal inspection and testing process that we apply to all equipment. Once a fair market value is established for each item, we persue all available sales channels to market your equipment. We are able to market equipment to over 10,000 local and national phone carriers, internet service providers, other refurbished resellers, and communication installation companies. Throughout this process, you will be provided reports detailing the status of each item to keep you apprised of the status of your equipment. On equipment that is determined to have negligible value, we also are able to provide precious metals recovery.

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