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Cisco IAD/CPE Repair

XTech Gear, Inc. is pleased to offer repair service for Cisco IAD2431s and other customer premise equipment from numerous manufacturers such as Adtran, Calix, and Lucent as well as many others.  Read more....

Sycamore Networks DNX-11 PDF Print E-mail

Sycamore Networks manufactures optical switches used by communications service providers to build fiber-optic networks. Sycamore's switches and network management software enable phone service carriers to provide voice and high-speed data services. Their DNX-11 is able to provide multiple T1, DS3, and OC3 multiplexing.

All equipment that enters our facility for testing or repair is entered into our equipment tracking system, and the board's status is updated as our technicians go through testing procedures on the circuit pack. You are able to check the status of your equipment at any time via our web based Repair Portal, or by contacting one of our repair representatives.

Here is a listing of board we routinely repair. Please note that repair costs are associated with the manner of the problem, and while we are able to generally provide a rough estimate, a complete estimate will not be able to be issued until we are able to test the circuit board in our internal labs.

If you have any questions regarding our repair capabilities, please feel free to contact an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

  • MKT-006-02016
  • MKT-006-02018
  • MKT-006-02353
  • MKT-006-04015
  • MKT-006-04115
  • MKT-006-04215
  • MKT-006-04353
  • MKT-006-05203
  • MKT-006-05205
  • MKT-006-05207
  • MKT-006-50131
  • MKT-006-50303
  • MKT-006-50311
  • MKT-006-05204
  • MKT-006-05206
  • MKT-006-11206
  • MKT-006-20108
  • MKT-006-50301
  • PRG-006-05030
  • MKT-006-50341


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