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Cisco IAD/CPE Repair

XTech Gear, Inc. is pleased to offer repair service for Cisco IAD2431s and other customer premise equipment from numerous manufacturers such as Adtran, Calix, and Lucent as well as many others.  Read more....

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Warranty Coverage

We try and keep our warranties simple. Our repair warranty covers the functionality of equipment under industry-standard normal wear and tear for the duration of the warranty period.


Exceptions to our Repair Warranty:


Damage from Incorrect

This includes physical damage to the circuit board and components due to neglectful handling practices, whether accidental or intentional.  This also includes improper ESD handling, as well as improper removals from service resulting in electrical damage.


Acts of God

This includes damage caused by flooding both natural and man-made, acts of war, power surges, lightning, and other electrical phenomena, fire damage, wind damage, and extremes of the temperature outside of normal electronic equipment operating ranges.






Warranty Service

All freight to and from Xtech Gear, Inc. for warranty service will be the responsibility of the warranty claimaint.



Our warranty is not transferrable to any other entity other than the client who initiated the repair with Xtech Gear.


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